Our Vision

MotorCrew helps fuel car enthusiasts’ passion by connecting them with talented experts and information. We love cars and the extended community of people who live and breathe all things "go." Like many of you, it's a family thing. It's in our blood.

We're constantly listening for ways we can help address real needs and delight our customers — both individual enthusiasts and automotive professionals. Please reach out to us regularly with any questions or suggestions. Don't be shy.

A Quick Note

Dear Car People,

One of my most vivid memories is of driving back home with my dad when I was a kid, in a used 1969 Corvette that "we" had just bought. He'd put himself through school and had always dreamed of getting this car. I remember the sound of the engine, the smell of the leather and the world passing by as we drove down the highway. Mostly, I just remember feeling very cool, riding beside my dad.

I helped him take care of the car and — when I was sixteen — he tossed me the keys for a celebratory ride after I got my license. I drove it to prom. It was a tough day when, shortly before college, we needed to sell the car.

Years later, I tried hard to track it down, but no dice. Then, one day, it popped up on eBay (where I worked). After frantically trying to call my wife, I got it back, and it's now sitting in our garage. My dad said he'd rather that I keep it and share it with my son. So that's the plan.

In talking with so many of you, it's been clear that a car (or a truck or a bike) is more than just "a car." It's fun. It's freedom. It's creativity. It's family. We're going to help you get the most out of it while building stronger relationships with other enthusiasts along the way.

Thanks for joining the Crew. It's going to be an exciting ride.

Take care,
Gene Cook's signature Gene Cook
Founder & CEO

Gene & his Corvette